Look who’s 1 year old today…

Happy Birthday Foreign Exposures!

For no particular reason, I decided that today was the day to buy Foreign Exposures* its very own domain name. Upon doing so, I discovered that on this very same day last year, Foreign Exposures was first born into the blog world, as I arrived in China with laptop in tow and took my first crack at blogging. And then I realized I was having a serendipitous moment and that my blog needed a makeover and a birthday cupcake with a candle, immediately.

So, Happy Birthday FE! Here is to another year of travel, adventure and exploration. 🙂

* The observant reader will notice that with the brand spankin’ new domain name, “Foreign Exposure” has become “Foreign Exposures” (with an “s”).  Sure, maybe this is because the Foreign Exposure.com domain name was already taken…but I think “Exposures” is more apt anyhow, as FE closes the chapter on China and plunges head first into yet another country. So stay tuned via our shiny, new (and easy to remember) web address: http://www.foreignexposures.com.


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