Time Flies…

It’s hard to believe that time passes by so quickly and yet so many significant events occur during these fleeting moments. I’ve been off the blogging scene for over a month now as I’ve juggled visitors, jobs, travel and the end of my two-year academic career all in the tiny span of just over one month. As the full breadth of what has transpired over these 30+ days is perhaps too much (and too boring?) for an actual post, I’ve decided to sum it up in the following photo montage.

After my parent’s visit in mid-April, I worked fast and furiously to start and finish my 15,000 word final dissertation.


With 14 days of almost non-stop writing, I completed the 97-page beast one day before deadline and then promptly “recovered”…


But there wasn’t too much time for sleeping, as within 24 hours of my thesis completion one of my oldest friends arrived in Shanghai for a 10-day visit and it was time to celebrate (and travel and eat)!!!!!

Linds and me in Hangzhou

brunching in China

out on the town

After a fabulous visit with Linds, it was again time for academic overload as the final weeks of my semester brought final exams, more long-winded papers, detailed presentations and the dreaded thesis defence…

Dr. Chen Na...breaking it down

After “hell” week of non-stop work and a 5 hour thesis defence in front of a panel of surly professors….I can finally say I am FINISHED with my masters program at Fudan University. And of course, celebrations ensued at various hot spots around the city…


Citizens bar


And this brings me to today, June 2nd, in which I can finally say that after two countries, two cities and two master degrees…I am officially DONE with my Masters education. And what a ride it has been. Now…onto the “next step,” which is the US of A for the summer 🙂

tasty all American treat

and then it’s off to…Indonesia??? …………Details soon!

Indonesian beach