April Showers



tea house


I have been refraining from blogging recently, as doing so only cements the hard cold fact that…yes, my parents have left China. Yes, their much anticipated visit is finito. And yes, I’m left in a desolate apartment (the boyfriend’s on another business trip in Jakarta) with only the empty shells of eaten pistachios to remind me of a more festive time.


Well, at least I have a 15,000 word dissertation to keep my mind off things! With only 14 days to start and finish this year’s final thesis, who has time to wax nostalgic over parental visits and entertain feelings of homesickness?

Okay, perhaps this is even more sad.

Well one positive thing to be happy about is that my mom brought me 2 dozen of those sinfully sweet Cadbury Eggs over to China. Being my favorite (but seasonal) treat as a kid, I got hooked on these little delights when I lived in London last year and discovered that Cadbury Eggs are offered all year round (and, consequently, for my weekly consumption).  They aren’t sold here in China at all, so having 24 of them all to myself is…

Okay, perhaps the fact that the Cadbury Egg constitutes a “positive highlight” in my life right now is the saddest thing of all. 🙂 But it’s always the little things, isn’t  it?

Now excuse me as I get back to my thesis writing, with egg in hand.

Photos of my parents’ amazing visit coming soon to Facebook and Picasa…just right after I write a few 15,000 words.