Shamrocks in Shanghai

Tonight I’m tossing the chopsticks aside and going out Irish style. But in a city where there is about a  1 in 500,000 chance of spotting a ginger (let alone any real Irish folk), this might seem like a bit of a challenge. To this I say…Pashaw. There is nothing impossible in Shanghai…a city where I lunched on homemade apple pie and jambalaya yesterday from a restaurant that called itself the Southern Belle (emulating the home cookin’ of America’s South…and seriously, not bad food considering the cooks were two Chinese guys that didn’t speak a lick of English).

Okay, so granted the Huangpu River isn’t dyed green today….and there is a total lack of paper shamrocks adorning windows…and about a 99.9% chance that my local watering hole has never heard of Guinness.  But shamrock-coloured beer, 1/2 priced pours and free-shots for green wearing patrons? Yes, indeedy! Because holiday related drink deals are universal, my friends…whether that’s a “Píjiǔ” you’re drinking or an American bur.

Last year my St. Patrick’s Day was spent in London, a city that celebrates this holiday almost as hard as the Irish (and arguably, just as crazy as Chicago-ans, minus the river dyeing, but definitely inclusive of the street puking). But embarrassingly enough…my St. Pat’s was spent in the, um…library. Seeing how I blew it last year, I feel that my St. Patrick’s Day in Shanghai must somehow serve as vindication for the 2.5% Irish blood coursin’ thru me veins. So bottom’s up…luck of the Irish to ya…and remember to tip your bartenders, folks…wherever you may be.


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