CNY UPDATE: Going Big for Gold

Photo from

Just when we thought the noise was over, Shanghai delivered another spectacular fireworks show yesterday that was an even louder and longer version of the aforementioned pyro-display on Chinese New Year.

As the clock struck midnight, Shanghai rolled out the welcome mat for the “God of Wealth”  and you’d have to be deaf, blind and living in an underwater cave not to have noticed.

We happened to be sitting in our living room when the commotion started and caught a quick video from our balcony. Again, the sound was deafening and it took some personal nerves of steel not to automatically go cower under the bed (also it was completely freezing out, so I actually wanted to cower IN the bed).

I guess when dealing with a God that determines the entire city’s personal wealth, the locals go big for the gold.  Our sources tell us that Shanghai launched 1,000 tons of fireworks into the air, even though Beijing (only?) launched 800 tons (click here for Beijing coverage).

Although the city might stand  a bit shell-shocked today (and perhaps missing a finger or two), it certainly threw one helluva welcome party for the Wealth & Fortune God. Now let me just go check my bank account…


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