The Holly, the Ivy and the Palm Tree

This holiday season, I’m headed to the tropics. For approximately 3 weeks, I’ll be travelling in South East Asia. Spiritual and ancient, yet chaotic and messy in its adaptation to modernity, the countries we’ll visit will each offer its unique dose of traditional beauty meets modern-day growing pains. With white beaches, laughing Buddhas, spicy food and the weather never dipping below  80 degrees Farenheit, I’m more than up for the challenge.

First stop: the island nation of Singapore for a 2-day stint in what’s dubbed the “culinary capital” of Asia. Two words: bring it.

Second stop: Bali, Indonesia—one of the best beach destinations in the world, this exotic locale will be our home for 9 days as we hike volcanoes, play with monkeys, bike in a rainforest and (my personal favorite), lay on the beach 🙂

Third stop: Jakarta, Indonesia—this year, we will ring in the New Year in the “Big Durian” (instead of  the Big Apple), in Indonesia’s  urban capital. Pull back the concrete curtain, and you’ll find us living it up in this unique, skyscraper meets rice-paddy town (I’ll be the one with the huge Happy New Year’s hat on).

Fourth stop: Bangkok, Thailand—flying North to “the Land of Smiles,”  I’ll be meeting my older sister for 5-days of fun in the ultra urban, fast-paced city of Bangkok. My guide-book tells me to “fasten my seat belt” as this place is the supposed “interchange” of Asia’s past, present and future. Bold statements. I cant’ wait to see if they’re true.

With my laptop in tow, I’ll be popping by Foreign Exposure to update my travels. I wish everyone a very Happy Holidays and a special New Year.


2 thoughts on “The Holly, the Ivy and the Palm Tree

  1. Lovely description of your holiday travels! So glad you arrived safe and sound and you are spending this holiday season in such an wonderful place.Enjoy each and every moment.

    Back in Nazareth, the guests are beginning to gather, the tree is decorated, the table is set, the snow has arrived and the temperature is 26 degrees. We will miss you. Merry Christmas. Love Mom

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