Where the Wild Things Are…

futurama Hong Kong

I’m currently in Hong Kong until Sunday and whoa, is it pretty freakin cool. I’m staying in the Kowloon district, which just happens to be the most densely populated place on earth (51,000 people per sq km). Okay, perhaps that doesn’t sound too enticing as you’re probably envisioning massive crowds and the likes of NYC’ s Times Square on speed. But I promise, with the teeming maddness of this place comes the intoxication of a multitude of different shops and cafes, towering sky scrapers against steep green peaks, a harbour hosting dozens of boats lit-up like Christmas trees and 10,000 different restaurants of which to choose (that’s right, TEN thousand). Besides eating my face off, I plan to revel in the warm weather (currently mid 70’s  farenheit and sunny) and partake in some serious people watching as the crowd here is deliciously sexy, multi-cultured and definitely wild. Updates to follow.

My temporary hood--Tsim Sha Tsui


3 thoughts on “Where the Wild Things Are…

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