Holiday Wishes from our Krakatau Kristmas

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on my blog, but I thought it a great forum to share some holiday wishes and photos* with you today.

From deep in the South Pacific, Ray and I would like to share our sincerest wishes for a blessed holiday and a happy New Year.

 May peace, love, health & prosperity fill your home today and always, 

Catherine & Ray

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*all photos taken at our pool

We’re heading to Krakatau for Kristmas with a group of our friends for one last tropical beach vacation before we relocate back to the US. Activities to include fresh seafood beach BBQ’s, snorkelling and boating, a secret Santa swap, and hiking a prehistoric volcano, of course!

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No Passion for Fashion, Perth

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Perth, Australia is no Sydney or Melbourne, but as home to some of  the best beaches in the country, a vibrant nightlife and excellent eateries, one would think that this sunny cosmopolitan city would be a hot bed of fresh Aussie styles. … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day from a believer

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Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap. Dubbed as the “Hallmark holiday,” anti-Valentine’s day activists (yes, there are such a thing) say that the hoopla surrounding February 14th is merely a product of mass marketing efforts from commercialized businesses and the propensity … Continue reading

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The Coconut Revolution

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Last month, Indonesia was all a twitter over Barack Obama’s much anticipated visit to the archipelago. Thousands of Indonesian netizens meticulously documented every aspect of the Obama visit, uploading photos, micro-blogging commentary and tweeting reactions to the hyped affair. Back … Continue reading

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Sheep and Cows and Goats on Scooters…

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My daily commute to work started to get quite interesting this week, as I began to notice hundreds of cows, sheep and goats lazily milling about on the side of major roads within the city. But being a newcomer to … Continue reading

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Islamic Fashion

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I was lucky to obtain a press pass to Jakarta Fashion Week held at Pacific Place this week and headed over to check-out the creative styles of local designers such as Dian Pelangi, Hannie Hananto and Irna Mutiara. These women specialize in “Islamic … Continue reading

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He had us at hello…

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    Obama’s popularity may be struggling at home, but here in Indonesia he had us at “hello.” A crowd of over 6,500 fans went wild with cheering and applause as the President opened his landmark speech with this simple statement … Continue reading

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